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Project Profile:

Van Nuys Flyway at the Van Nuys Airport

Project Summary

Gravelpave2 was chosen as a low maintenance, high performance porous pavement. Van Nuys Airport needed to add to its stormwater system without taking away from driveable surfaces. Gravelpave2 was the perfect choice. Alley has a 5/16th angular gravel. Actual entrances are filled with sandy decomposed granite material. 4374 Rainstore3 units at 18 units high - for 243 cell stacks, were place in several chambers on site.


16461 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA

Install Size

1900 m2 (20,000 sq ft) 4374 units Rainstore3




Valverde Construction, Inc.

Project Gallery

Entry sign to the faciility.
Access is restricted to authorized personnel.
A concrete drainage strip collects the stormwater runoff not contained by the Gravelpave2 on both sides.
An attractive and stable utility access road made from Gravelpave2.
Gravelpave2 is nearly the full width between the Parking Garage and the fence.
The Van Nuys Flyway.