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Project Summary

City of Irvine’s policy on fire access and good sight distance at street corner intersections has been to landscape the corners with grass and palm trees. Fire trucks access the back of the homes or town homes by driving into the corner between the palms and estate walls. Curb cuts at both ends are visible from the street. Grasspave2 has been used exclusively by the City of Irvine for these applications and we are honored to be a long-term manufacturer and supplier since 1987. Thank you for the repeat business and your confidence in Grasspave2.


Corner of Alton Parkway and Harvard Harvard and Main Hearthstone & Paseo

Install Size

105 m2, 117m2, 690 m2, 160 m2 (11,500 sq ft total)


City of Irvine


Park West Landscape Co., 22421 Gilberto, Suite A, Rancho St. Margarita, CA 92688, contact: John Serrano, David Sharkey, Nate 949-858-7017, Fax 949-858-7349. Tracy & Ryder Landscaping, contact: Chris VanFleet 714-858-7002

Project Gallery

Corner monument identifying Westpark. The fire lane is L-shaped behind the palms.
Close-up of fire lane between palms and estate wall with hedge in front. Notice the flush concrete curb delineation on the left.
Corner of Alton and Harvard showing excellent sight distance. View is from one installation across Alton to another L-shaped fire lane.
Curb cut is noticeable with palm and estate wall delineation. The invisibility of Grasspave2 is evident with one type of grass over the entire corner area.