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Project Profile:

Westside Media Center

Project Summary

The Grasspave2 is integrated well into the design with curving hard surfaced pedestrian walkways. At the opposite end of the building is an interesting alternating strip pattern using grass and concrete.


12100, 12200 and 12312 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Install Size

370 m2 (4,000 sq ft)





Project Gallery

This is the eastern beginning of the Grasspave2 fire lane, off the circular hard paved vehicle entrance.
This Grasspave2 has an interesting combination with the grass abutting the curving walkway
Grasspave2 is used in all the grass lawn areas. This looks like a pedestrian area even though fire trucks can access the back of this building.
From the street you'll see signs like this one for the three buildings. The fire lane is on the far east side, around the back and off of a driveway with a circular turn around.
At the west end of the complex next to the underground parking garage entrance shown here on the right, there is a unique looking alternating pattern of grass and concrete which may be used for emergency access or moving furniture in and out of the building, any of those types of uses.