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Project Profile:

Wydown Parkway Jogging Path

Project Summary

Wydown Parkway has a grassy center median that runs the length of the parkway. For years it has been popular jogging area for local residents. Due constant use of the median a path had been worn where the joggers would run. The City of Clayton wanted to do something to the path so that grass would grow and survive the regular use the path would receive from joggers. It was decided to install a section of Grasspave2 in combination with irrigation. A section was installed in 2008. The project was successful and the City decided to continue to replace the path with the Grasspave2 and irrigation system along the entire parkway. An additional 6,990 sf. of Grasspave2 was installed in 2009 and in 2010 an additional 13,330 sf. is scheduled to be installed. The City was happy with the ease of installation and the results. The width of the trail was designed to be the width of the rolls making installation with the 1020 Grasspave2 rolls very simple.


Wydown Parkway from South Hanley to Skinker Blvd

Install Size

900 sq meters - 2,474 sf. in 2008 and 6,990 sf. in 2009


City of Clayton, Public Works


Two Contractors over three years

Project Gallery

Completed Grasspave2 install. New sod was placed over the Grasspave2 and sand infill.
Excavation - Workers excavated down and placed base course (background) in a three year installation.
Grasspave2 was placed above the base course and Hydrogrow.
Workers fill the Grasspave2 porous pavement rings with sand.
Clean sand is used as the first inch of growing media in Grasspave2
Completed installation of jogging path.
PRIOR TO INSTALLATION, the path was worn and frequently got muddy during rain.