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Project Profile:

Young Residence

Project Summary

When old homes are torn down as happened on this site, then new zoning requirements favor porous paving in order to avoid large amounts of non-pervious surfaces.


2570 Esplanade, Victoria, BC

Install Size

2 parking bays





Project Gallery

Grasspave2 driveway off the street and through the open area shown here on the right is used for two guest parking spaces.
The sod has just been laid on the right side. The Grasspave2 area doubles as two parking spaces and as a front lawn which faces the ocean behind the camera.
Here is another view of the Grasspave2 on the right at this million dollar plus home.
Just for fun: Ocean view across the street in front of the home.
This is the street setting where the home is located and from which you drive onto the Grasspave2 parking lot.