Rainstore3 Underground Water Storage System

Rainstore3 is a modular and stackable structure used to store stormwater underground. Made from injection molded plastic, a single panel contains 36 vertical columns and exceeds H-20 loading, allowing the construction of driving areas, parking lots, or other small structures above the system. Built-in compression fittings allow units to be easily stacked to a variety of depths up to 7.9ft pr 2.4 meters.

Benefits of Rainstore3 Underground Stormwater Storage

  • Allows development of valuable land resources by moving stormwater ponds below ground
  • Available Pre-Assembled in Depths from 4″ to 7.9 ft (2.4 m)
  • 94% Open for Water Storage
  • Eliminates Stone Requirements
  • Easy Installation


  • Underground Stormwater Storage
  • Detention or Retention Systems
  • Water Harvesting

The Rainstore3 underground stormwater storage system is more efficient at storing and recharging water than arched chambers and corrugated plastic or metal pipe. Rainstore3 is less expensive than concrete vault chamber.

33 49 23.13 Undrground Storm Drainage Water Retention Tanks

Rainstore3 is listed in the Construction Specifiers Master Spec Format predominantly in section 33 49 23.13 Underground Storm Drainage Water Retention Tanks. You may also place it in the 1995 Master Format Version in section 02630 Storm Drainage Containment & Reuse.


40″ x 40″ x 4″ (1 meter x 1 meter x 10 centimeters). Cells can be assembled in heights from one unit (10 cm, 4 inches), to 24 units (2.4 meters, 7.9 feet). Please see our Optimal Shipping Height Chart to avoid any additional shipping charges.

Rainstore3 Estimator


Estimate the Components in a Rainstore3 System – geogrid, geotextile fabric, labor, and more. Then, submit for a quote. We will return a price quote as soon as possible.



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underground stormwater storage with Rainstore3 Modular UnitsOne Rainstore3 unit measures 1 m x 1 m x 0,1 m high (3.28 ft x 3.28 ft x 4 inches high). 94% void space provides nearly 25 gallons of water storage per unit.

Rainstore3 underground stormwater storage system renderingThe Rainstore3 units are encased in a geotextile filter fabric. Three layers of geogrid add support. A maintenance port, a pretreatment filtration system, and an outlet pipe are common elements.

Underground stormwater storage for a Water Garden with Rainstore3
Rainstore3 is perfect for water harvesting. two layers of geotextile fabric encase an impermeable liner. A maintenance/access port is shown.

Underground stormwater storage sytem for detention

Stackable and modular, many different configurations can be achieved for your site. This site shows Rainstore3 cell stacks at 24 high.