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Project Profile:

Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa

Project Summary

Estancia Resort wanted to keep a beautiful setting for their upscale clientele and chose Grasspave2 in the fire lane. This is a beautiful fire lane that is easily found and enjoyed.


9820 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037-1106

Install Size

1,200 m2 (13,000 sq ft)




Parkwest Landscape

Project Gallery

This is the corner signage. Proceed to the right to locate the back of the property where the fire lane is located.
Drive past the competitor's product at the rear of the parking lot to our installation past these removable bollards. Grasspave2 is used for the full length of the property. Please see other photos following for a closer look.
The Grasspave2 fire lane continues along the left side of the sidewalk. Staff pedestrian access crosses the lane.
This T section gives additional access to the hotel and pool area on the left.
This is the far end of the fire lane which is open to guests' patios.
This view from the elevated retaining wall position shows the full length of this section of the fire lane. Half way down the Grasspave2 continues to the right into the hotel and pool area.
A fire lane signs designates where emergency vehicles can travel, if needed.