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Pave. Store. Protect.

Innovative Stormwater Solutions Since 1982


  • The strongest porous pavers available
  • Over 15,940 psi compression strength
  • Exceeds H25 loading


  • Performs in severe weather events
  • Most rapid drainage available
  • Fastest and easiest to install


  • The best customer service
  • Over 100 million sq ft installed
  • America’s favorite paver since 1982

Featured Products

For a green porous paving solution, trust Grasspave2 – the industry’s leader since 1982. Designed by a Landscape Architect, Grasspave2 comes in easy-to-install rolls. It’s flexible, lightweight, durable and provides design versatility to any project.

Created by a Landscape Architect, Gravelpave2 has been the designers trusted choice for low maintenance porous paving since 1991. With a remarkable compressive strength, 5 times that of concrete, (15,940 psi) Gravelpave2 can support the weight of virtually any vehicle.

Rainstore3 is a modular, stackable, underground water containment system. Designed by a Landscape Architect for both subsurface detention basins and retention/harvesting systems in 1999, Rainstore3 has since been used in a myriad of other applications such as water/rain gardens, green roofs and sports field drainage.

A Heritage of Excellence

Invisible Structures is the leader in porous paving and stormwater management solutions. We provide the finest in grass porous paving, gravel porous paving, underground stormwater storage, erosion control, drainage, and access mats.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Invisible Structures has been committed to sustainable product development for
more than twenty years, with a portfolio of products which not only protect the environment,
but actually enhance it.

  • Made from 100% recycled content
  • Member of USGBC
  • LEED™ points certified
  • Mitigate urban heat island effect
  • Remove pollutants from rain water runoff
  • Preserve old growth trees and vegetation

Commercial & Residential Solutions

Combine all our products or use them separately for stormwater treatment, sustainable development, economic savings, or for purely aesthetic reasons.

Porous Paving

A better way to pave.
Replace heat retaining concrete
pavers with an aesthetically
superior solution.

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Storm Water Management

Helping you whether the Storm.
Leverage our integrated products
to drain water from the surface,
store it, and reuse it.

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Paving the way.
Beaches, grass surfaces and
walkways become smooth and
stable surfaces with ISI products.

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Green Building

Sustainable solutions.
The addition of Invisible Structures
products to a project can provide
multiple benefits of the environment.

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Easy Driveway

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Two Simple Ways to Help Prevent Flooding at Home

Two Simple Ways to Help Prevent Flooding at Home

Introduction When it comes to dealing with and managing flooding, most of it is in the hands of municipalities and mother nature, but there are two things one can do at home to help mitigate disaster. Using porous paving products and underground stormwater detention...

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Complete Suite of Products


Porous Grass Paver


Porous Gravel Paver


Underground Water Storage System


Erosion Control System


Geocomposite Drainage Layer


Portable Access Mat

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Invisible Structures offers a wide variety of resources to help you plan, build, and maintain our products.