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Project Profile:

Koll Center

Project Summary

Koll Center is a complex of buildings centered around a beautifully designed outdoor fountain and pedestrian mall. In January 1990, Bill and Vicki Bohnhoff were doing business as Rings, Inc. and the grass paving product was know as Grassrings2 which consisted of 3" diameter rings (vehicular sized rings) hand glued onto netting. Valley Crest Landscaping, among their national offices is out most repeated-use contractor with the greatest amount of Grasspave2 experience.


Irvine, CA

Install Size

558 m2 (6,000 sq ft)




Valley Crest Landscape Inc., 1920 S. Yale Street, Santa Ana, CA  92704

Project Gallery

Red painted curb indicates the foreground of the firelane which extends back toward the yellow sculpture fountain.
Grass view of firelane is a beautiful enhancement of the corporate campus.