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Project Profile:

Panorama Ridge Sewer Utility Access

Project Summary

There is a decided difference in maintenance of the utility lane because it goes through the backs of homeowner's properties. Some residents are using the area for a horse corral. There are gates across the lane as you walk through each yard.


Greater Vancouver Regional District, Surrey

Install Size


Greater Vancouver Regional District



Project Gallery

When the grass is watered it looks lush and healthy. Grasspave2 provides a driving lane over the sewer line from gate to gate to gate all along this shelf.
Looking in the other direction you can see more of the Grasspave2 utility lane which begins on the one end at the house in the background.
Sewer line access manhole in the utility Grasspave2 driving lane.
This is the opposite end of the Grasspave2 installation where it meets with a gravel road in the distance. As the sun is just about setting you can see that the green is darker where the Grasspave2 is located.