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Project Profile:

Plaza Las Fuentas

Project Summary

Drainage of these pedestrian and planter areas is filtered through our Draincore2 system which has filter fabric on top of the rings and grid so that soil particles don’t pass through into the drainage layer, then the water is directed out the weep holes at the lower edge of the planters. Unsightly scum is avoided, as well as the safety issue of a slippery surface.


Corner of Los Robles and Union, and Euclid and Union Streets, Pasadena, CA

Install Size

250 m2





Project Gallery

This is a beautiful plaza with lots of art and lovely California architecture that blends the present with the past. This is one of the areas where DC2 is used under the grass and soil layer.
Looking in the other direction from this area you can see how this plaza was set on an axis with the City of Pasadena building in the background.
The other end of the plaza has DC2 in the raised planters where trees and grass are planted as shown here. In this case, weep holes at the base of the planter drain with clear water and scum is avoided.
1991 photo showing the planters on the other end of the site. DC2 is used here also for trapping sediment and keeping the outfall water clean.
This is a closer look at the building shown in Picture 2. Also there is a historical church next door on the right.