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Project Profile:

Total System Services

Project Summary

This slope had been designed for a concrete block with cable system to stabilize the slope and resist periodic flooding controlled by dams upstream. The client wanted the beauty of a grass reinforced slope to complement the large grass areas between their corporate offices and the river. Installation of Slopetame2 came in at one third the cost of the concrete system, encouraging the Contractor to be able to replace the total area twice if lost to floods, at the same cost. Existing soils consisted mostly of construction debris. Large objects were removed, then a sand cap was place over the slope for uniformity. Slopetame2 was placed and anchored with Duckbill anchors looped over lengths of rebar laid between rows of rings, alternating direction along the slope. Sand was used to fill the Slopetame2 surface, and then overlaid with Bermuda grass sod. Roots reached a depth of about 6” within one month. Slopetame2 withstood two floods - a ten year flood, 24.4 ft (March 2001) and a 100 year flood at 38.53 ft. (May 2003). “It nice to know you don't have to worry about your riverbank washing away" – Debbie Avery, TSY


1601 First Avenue, Columbus, GA 31902

Install Size

2750 m2, 29,602 sf


Change order by our rep MCCA


Beers Construction (Job 6022), 70 Ellis St. NE, Atlanta, GA 3030

Project Gallery

Soil Stabilization was achieved on a riverbank using Slopetame2.
View looking north toward railroad bridge. Slopetame2 was installed from the concrete walkway down the slope. The rings, grid and fabric backing of Slopetame2 provide a structure for the Bermuda to knit into, forming a one piece unit for the entire installation.
Erosion Control was achieved on this steep slope using Slopetame2.
Looking down river with Total System Services headquarters in the background. This area provides a park setting for employees and extends the river walk. Section near the vehicular bridge showing the clock tower. The Bermuda grass is well established over the entire installation.
Soil-Control Mats were installed to stabilize extreme slopes using Slopetame2.
Installation photo showing the Slopetame2 mats as on interconnected unit. Male and female connectors easily secure one roll to an adjacent roll.
Erosion-Control Mats are used to stabilize soil using Slopetame2.
The Slopetame2 rings are filled with one inch of sand.
Soil-Control Mats were installed on banks for erosion control using Slopetame2.
Additonal photo of Sllopetame2 in 38.53 ft of water. Slopetame2 withstood stream flow of 118,000 cf/sec and a velocity of 6.08 ft/sec.
Slope-erosion control was achieved by using Slopetame2.
Sod is placed to finish off the project.
Soil Stabilization and erosion control were achieved by using Slopetame2.
100 year flood stage, May 2003. “It nice to know you don't have to worry about your riverbank washing away" – Debbie Avery, TSYS