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Project Profile:

Villa Mazarita

Project Summary

The original owners of this home have sold it and it is by their graces that we are able to publish the photographs, so please do not disturb them, and be discreet should you decide to visit this site. This is a popular way to gain additional parking for guests when using the street is not possible. The front lawn looks generous and in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood. Please contact the local planning department when you wish to use this application for your client. Perhaps these photographs will aid in getting approvals.


600 S Mishta Drive, Key Biscayne, FL  33149

Install Size

95 m2 (1,030 sq ft)




Courtelis Construction, 701 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1400, Miami, FL 33131

Project Gallery

Grass Pavement was installed for guest parking at this home on Key Biscayne Island, Florida, using Grasspave2.
Front main entrance to the home with guest off-street parking on either side of this paving.
Porous Pavers were installed for guest parking on Key Biscayne Island, Florida, using Grasspave2.
Northern side has about three spaces flush with the street asphalt edge.
Permeable Pavers were installed in the parking areas using Grasspave2.
There are more spaces on the southern side with white rounded flat markers indicating parking slots. The grass chosen is obviously shade tolerant.