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Park Anywhere With Porous Grid Paving

Pave Green. Park Green. Our porous grid pavers provide virtually no maintenance and rugged-durability for parking lots of any size.

With Invisible Structures: The Most Durable and Low Maintenance Permeable Grid Paver Solution for Parking Lots.

Design your eco-friendly parking lot with the proven power of the Original Porous Grid Paver! Rigid pavers crack over time but the flexibility and durability of Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 provide the ultimate experience in surface strength, longevity and low-maintenance sustainability. Our easy-to-install, innovative, environmentally-conscious products reduce the heat island effect, enhance aesthetic appeal, and promote use of commercial, residential, and public spaces! Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 protect our planet with an exciting low-impact alternative to outdated traditional methods. Pave Green. Park Green. Build Green.

Superior Stormwater Management

Our porous paving products, Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2, allow water to infiltrate through the surface, reducing stormwater runoff and recharging groundwater. This natural filtration process removes pollutants and prevents erosion, protecting local waterways and ecosystems. By managing stormwater on-site, our products help comply with local regulations and reduce the need for costly stormwater management infrastructure.

Reduced Heat Island Effect

Traditional paved surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete, absorb and retain heat, contributing to the urban heat island effect. Invisible Structures Porous Paving Products are made from permeable materials such as grass and gravel – which capture heat, and allow air and water to circulate, reducing surface temperatures and creating a cooler environment. This not only benefits the general public and surrounding ecosystem, but also reduces energy consumption for nearby buildings.

Enhanced Durability and Longevity

Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 are designed to withstand heavy loads (15,940 psi) and resist wear and tear, ensuring a long-lasting and durable surface. The flexible nature of our products allows them to accommodate ground movement and resist cracking, eliminating the need for repairs and greatly reducing maintenance. This results in dramatically lowering lifecycle costs and creating a much more sustainable solution for parking lots.

Aesthetic Appeal and Customization

Our product Grasspave2 is the most successful grass paver in the Nation at maintaining a beautiful grass surface for over 40 years, unseen from the surface – which is why we call ourselves Invisible Structures. Our Gravelpave2 product is available in a variety of colors, so even if the rings are seen, it allows for seamless integration with the surrounding landscape and architecture. This versatility enables designers to create visually appealing permeable areas that can bear the load of any vehicle while enhancing the overall aesthetic of any project. Curves and slopes are no issue with our products as they quickly and easily roll out over compacted, yet uneven terrain and can be trimmed easily with pruning shears – not requiring perfectly flat terrain or a dangerous saw like rigid pavers.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Invisible Structures Porous Paving Products, Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 require minimal maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for property owners and managers. The permeable surface prevents the accumulation of standing water and ice, reducing the need for de-icing and snow removal – yet snow removal is a breeze because our pavers will never “pop up” because we’re flexible and unaffected by the freeze/thaw cycle, unlike rigid pavers. Additionally, the natural filtration process helps to prevent the buildup of oil, dirt and other surface toxins, helping to keep the surface clean and functional.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 are made from 100% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial HDPE, making them a safe material for our underground environment while reusing existing plastic. By choosing Invisible Structures Porous Paving Products, you are not only investing in a sustainable solution for your parking lot but also supporting a more circular economy and reducing the environmental impact of construction projects.

Invisible Structures Porous Paving Products offer a sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional paving methods for commercial, residential, and public parking lots. With superior stormwater management, reduced heat island effect, enhanced durability, and low maintenance requirements, our products provide an environmentally responsible and cost-effective solution for your parking lot needs.

Featured Porous Paving Products

For a green porous paving solution, trust Grasspave2 – the industry’s leader since 1982. Designed by a Landscape Architect, Grasspave2 comes in easy-to-install rolls. It’s flexible, lightweight, durable and provides design versatility to any project.

Created by a Landscape Architect, Gravelpave2 has been the designers trusted choice for low maintenance porous paving since 1991. With a remarkable compressive strength, 5 times that of concrete, (15,940 psi) Gravelpave2 can support the weight of virtually any vehicle.

Rainstore3 is a modular, stackable, underground water containment system. Designed by a Landscape Architect for both subsurface detention basins and retention/harvesting systems in 1999, Rainstore3 has since been used in a myriad of other applications such as water/rain gardens, green roofs and sports field drainage.