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Green / Vegetated Roofs

Green roofs are vegetated roof covers, with growing media and plants taking the place of bare membrane, gravel ballast, shingles or tiles. The number of layers and the layer placement vary from system to system and greenroof type, but at the very least all greenroofs include a single to multi-ply waterproofing layer, drainage, growing media and the plants, covering the entire roof deck surface.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Reduction of heat island effect
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide effect
  • Reduction of air pollution
  • Reduction of heating and cooling (energy consumed)
  • Lengthen roof life two to three times
  • Reduction of sound reflectance and transmission
  • Stormwater mitigation
  • Pollution Removal

Benefits of Draincore2 in a Green Roof :

  • High Compressive Strength – 2100 psi (302,400 psf), to disperse heavy soil load to the engineered structural support
  • High water conveyance rate – 42 gallons per minute per foot width
  • Light Weight – 0.41 pounds per sq ft (2kg/m2) – 92% void space in Draincore2
  • Large, flexible rolls for easy installation
  • Flexible ring and grid system to conform to contours and undulations
  • Airflow beneath root zone for healthy vegetation
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
A combination of Draincore2 and Grasspave2 make a beautiful green roof in Hawaii. Parking and green space are accomplished with these products.