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Project Profile:

National Garden at the United States Botanic Garden

Project Summary

“What is this stuff?” [Gravelpave2] is the second most common question at the site. The Gravelpave2 reinforced pathways add a beautiful and porous surface to the grounds. The Architect of the Capitol wanted the sound and feel of gravel, but needed ADA compliance for all visitors. Gray Gravelpave2 was used to match the decorative gravel Gravelpave2 also saved the facility two million dollars over installation of bluestone pavers. Approximately, 600 sq ft of Gravelpave2 has been replaced with bluestone pavers – In the area surrounding the Three First Ladies’ Fountain, children were picking up the gravel fill and tossing it into the fountain, subsequently the Gravelpave2 was replaced; In one of the main entrances, bluestone replaced the Gravelpave2 for the transition between the concrete and the paths; and in the areas close stairs, bluestone has replaced Gravelpave2 to reduce the migration of decorative gravel onto the steps. According to Management (January 2008) Gravelpave2 is still performing it’s intended purpose at the National Garden.


The Main Entrance is 100 Maryland Ave., S.W. Washington, D.C,  20024

Install Size

2170 m2 (23,000 sq ft) - About 600 sq ft has been removed and replaced with Bluestone pavers


Architect of the Capitol


William V. Walsh Construction Co Inc

Project Gallery

Gravelpave2 trail paths lead visitors around the national garden.
The pattern of the Gravelpave2 structure is slightly visible in this photo.
The entrance to the facility from Maryland Ave.
The entrance path from the south side of the Garden.
Initially, the gravel was placed much too high over the rings. The Gravel is now at a good height.
Gravelpave2 adds a natural look and feel to the National Garden.
Map of the Garden trails (courtesy http://www.usbg.gov - Official site of the National Garden of the United States Botanic Garden)