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Golf Courses

Golf Drainage Applications with Draincore2

From municipal courses to the most exclusive clubs, the Draincore2 system is the premier drainage system for tee boxes, bunkers, and golf greens. The Draincore2 ring-and-grid system creates a one-inch void below the sand root zone mix that allows gas exchange and produces a nearly perfect perched water table. An green with Draincore2 grows the healthiest turf with the strongest roots and prevents puddling. Along with the time and labor savings of installation, superintendents enjoy reduced chemical use, irrigation, and general maintenance.


  • Less excavation and disposal
  • More economical
  • Rapid water movement
  • Minimal site disturbance
  • Simple, rapid installation
  • Uniform and consistent drainage
  • Perfect perched water table
  • Stronger root system
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Reduces irrigation and chemical use
  • Prevents puddling
  • Optional heating and cooling systems
  • Eliminates bridging
  • Healthier turf

Golf Installations

NCAA Division 1-A Golf

Oklahoma State University 8,000 SF Natural Grass 2004, Turfgrass Management Dept. USGA/Airfield, Test Green Golf Courses

Ridgewood Country Club 4,000 SF Natural Grass 2004 Waco, TX USGA Test Green

Whispering Woods Golf Club 12,000 SF Natural Grass 2003, Whispering Pines, NC Practice Facility

Robert Trent Jones Golf Club 20,000 SF Golf Greens/Bunkers 2004, Gainesville, VA 4 Bunkers + 2 Greens

Silverhorn Golf Club 16,000 SF Bunkers 2004, Oklahoma City, OK

Cross section diagram of the Draincore2 bunker – sand trap system for performance golf courses.
The Draincore2 system in a bunker provides for minimal site disturbance, simple, rapid installation, uniform and consistent drainage , and a perfect perched water table
Diagram of the Draincore2 tee and green drainage system for golf courses.
The Draincore2 system on the tee box at Missouri Bluffs Golf Course provides for uniform and consistent drainage, less chemical treatment, and overall healthier turf.