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Project Profile:

Addison Community Theater

Project Summary

The grounds are very inviting with an outdoor reception area in a shaded garden. Even the parking lot has a lot of vegetation between the aisles and down the main pedestrian egress. The conference wing hallway has a wall of glass overlooking the Grasspave2 fire lane which extends all the way to the plaza outside the round theater lobby. The busy functions involving productions are confined to the back stage entrance.


15650 Addison Road, Addison, TX

Install Size

102 m2 (1100 sq ft)




The Cadence Group evolved into Cadence and Shane Corporation in Dallas, Texas

Project Gallery

Pervious Paving was installed in the fire lane access areas at the Addison Community Theater in Addison, Texas, using Grasspave2.
Fire lane along glass wall of the conference center.
Grass Pavers were installed in the fire lane access areas using Grasspave2.
View from the plaza end showing the fire lane.
Turf Reinforcement was installed in the fire lane access areas that end at the theater using Grasspave2.
Fire lane ends on a brick surface at the entrance to the round theater. lobby.
Permeable Pavers were installed around the pedestrian garden walkway using Grasspave2.
Parking lot has a pedestrian garden aisle leading toward the theater behind the camera. Double bay parking is on either side.