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Project Profile:

Architectural Glass Sales and Service Office

Project Summary

First Gravelpave2 and/or porous paving in Salida. Parking lot works well and captures most of the site drainage with a landscape swale area catching any overflow from Gravelpave2.


331 H. Street, Salida, CO  81201

Install Size

280 m2 (2500 sq ft)


Architectural Glass


Architectural Glass

Project Gallery

Black Gravelapve2 was filled with gray aggregate.
Excess water - not absorbed by Gravelapve2 - will runoff into a swale area - not pictured.
Porous parking is the main use for Gravelpave2 on this site.
Entering on asphalt, visitors and employees will park on Gravelpave2.
The 2500 sq ft parking area was installed by the employees at Architectural Glass.
The entrance of the Architectural Glass shop.
Gravelpave2 and Recycled Plastic Car Stop & Parking delineator.