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Project Profile:

Azusa Pacific University Park

Project Summary

Product was shipped in December but the installation didn't take place until late spring because of the rains. These photos were taken just after the installation was completed so you can still see the strips of sod.


Foothill Blvd. and Stein Avenue, Azusa, CA

Install Size

3 sections





Project Gallery

Near the front entrance to the parking there is a section of RS3 perhaps in this landscaped area underneath the sidewalk.
View of the sports field with parking lot on the right. RS3 is located underneath this sidewalk further up in this photo.
View looking over the large sports field and parking area from the NE corner of the lot. Rotating the camera will show you Picture 4.
This is a stack of Grasspave2 rolls before installation. The third RS3 section is located in this area near yet another sports field on the right.
An overall view of the RS3 second section marked by these NDS boxes.