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Project Profile:

Bowditch Point Regional Park

Project Summary

The landscaping crew chief explains that this peninsula was manmade with fill material. There are vertical spray heads mounted on poles of PVC pipe about four feet in the air to irrigate all the plant material. Some of the trees will reach 60’ when mature. The main driveway and aisles were paved in asphalt, and the parking bays were covered in gravel with Gravelpave2 as the reinforcement. There is a little too much gravel covering the stone so you will see some migration onto the asphalt where traffic is highest. To help with heavy rains, a concrete swale was installed between parking bays. The asphalt is pitched toward the gravel to aid in surface runoff.


A Lee County Facility, 50 Ostero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, FL

Install Size

1020 m2 (10,980 sf)




Cougar Contracting, 13350 Rickerbacker Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33913, contact Bob Thesier at phone 941-225-0565. GC - Casey Construction, contact Pat Kar, owner at 941-461-5333.

Project Gallery

Aggregate Paving was installed, long with asphalt, in parking lots at Bowditch Point Regional Park, Fort Myers Beach, Florida, using Gravelpave2.
Overall view of parking area showing the combination of asphalt aisles and gravel bays surrounded by new landscaping.
Gravel Reinforcement was installed on parking lots using Gravelpave2.
Close-up of second and third parking bays showing the placement of bumper stops and a center concrete swale.
Pervious Pavers were installed in vegetation areas using Gravelpave2.
The vertical 4’ high PVC irrigation tubes will help new vegetation get established on this manmade peninsula.
Porous Pavement was installed in parking lots using Gravelpave2.
First row of parking with some gravel migration due to excess applied above the rings.
Turf Pavers were used in the parking lots using Gavelpave2.
View of parking lot looking toward pedestrian entrance between grass islands.