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Project Profile:

City of Denver Storm Water Detention- Federal at Arkansas

Project Summary

The two Rainstore3 detention chambers utilize geo-grid below and above with a heavy filt fabric wrapping the 3 unit high by one unit wide system. Between the street and the chambers and the sidewalk and the chambers there is a 20 mil PVC liner 4-5’ deep to keep any water from getting under the street or sidewalk. The water can only percolate directly below into the soil.


Federal Street at Arkansas, along the street

Install Size

177 Units (600 cu feet) water storage


City of Denver


Jalisco International

Project Gallery

One meter width of Rainstore3 works perfectly for this detention application.
Geogrid is applied to the Rainstore3.
The second chamber is excavated and ready for fabric.
A Geomembrane liner is used to keep the water from getting under the street.
Rainstore3 is wrapped in geotextile fabric before side fill is placed.
Gravel is used for infiltration.
A monitoring and pump-out service access is seen in this photo.