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Project Profile:

Fire Station #9

Project Summary

This is directly adjacent to firehouse and was designed for washing fire trucks. Base was 5 inches of #57 stone, over which a mixture of 1.5” of #89 stone and 3.5” of sand was placed and compacted to 92% Modified Proctor. It is surrounded by a massive asphalt parking lot, which necessitated the installation of Reinforced Concrete Pipes for stormwater. Speaking with a small group of fire fighters stationed at #9, The City of Savannah have employed both Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 successfully for industrial equipment storage/parking, parking bays for Grayson Stadium (Class A Baseball Farm Team Home for the Mets), and have it designed for other life-safety and tree protection applications and event/ recreation parking throughout the City.


2235 Capital St. Savannah, GA

Install Size

350 m2 (3,672 sq ft)


City of Savannah/Design Department



Project Gallery

Closeup of #89 stone fill in Gravelpave2 showing tops of some of the rings
Note flush mounted header curb to protect asphalt from underwashing once ground has reached field capacity (total saturation)
This also serves as tree protection for this mature oak tree.
Note that Gravelpave2 elevation is appropriately 1/2 inch lower than header curb to prevent stone roll onto asphalt. Notice how few stones have migrated to the asphalt in a year’s time.