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Project Profile:

Folsom Lake College

Project Summary

After eleven years, the old Grassrings 3” ring and netting product is still doing very well. Longevity is a good test of product effectiveness and this installation should serve to encourage new customers for Grasspave2, a technological advancement with 2” rings.


100 Clarksville Road, Folsom, CA  95630

Install Size

1650 m2 (17,761 sq ft)





Project Gallery

Grasspave2 used to widen a pedestrian access walkway for fire trucks.
Another sidewalk widening area reinforced with Grasspave2.
South side fire lane from sidewalk/Grasspave2 ring road. The flush concrete curb makes this area the most identifiable fire lane.
Pedestrian grass mall area near the main entrance has concrete benches which encourage gatherings.