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Project Profile:

Hewlett Packard Building 45

Project Summary

Hewlett-Packard is a repeat customer for us, in multiple locations in the United States. It’s highly likely that Grasspave2 is also on the backside of the building since the quantity delivered to the site was greater than the area photographed. Another area off the parking lot further behind Building 45 has concrete grass pavers, both sloping up toward the building where the grass covers the pavers nearly entirely and then also sloping down a driveway underneath a connecting bridge. The later one had no vegetation so it was easy to find.


10951 N. Tantau Avenue, Cupertino, CA

Install Size

495 m2 (5,328 sq ft)




Mori Hatsushi

Project Gallery

Looking toward the main entrance is a small area of Grasspave2 between the sidewalk and the flush concrete curb.
Same area, only viewed from the building to the street.
View between sidewalks.