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Project Profile:

Home on the Range

Project Summary

Approximately 900 m2 (10,000 SF) of Gravelpave2 was used, with glass cullet composing the layer of "gravel." Although the combination of clear, brown, green, and blue glass almost looks like typical gravel from a distance, the glass adds some sparkle to the lot. Even though the project has an abundance of green features, the parking lot is the aspect of the project that gets the most attention from the public, particularly with the glass cullet.


220 S. 27th, Billings, Montana

Install Size

900 m2 (10,000 sq ft)


High Plains Architects


Hardy Construction

Project Gallery

The contractor used a combination of hand held rakes and front end loading bobcats (not shown) to fill the Gravelpave2 with the glass cullet.
Here the Gravelpave2 section is unrolled and ready to be filled with the recycled glass.
A closeup image of the combination clear, green, blue, and brown glass cullet inside the Gravelpave2 rings.
The front entrance of Home on the Range with the completed Gravepave2 porous parking lot and walkway.
A view of the walkway from the entrance, looking toward the parking lot.
Gravelpave2 meets concrete and concrete curbing at this facility.
The glass cullet fill looks a bit like normal gravel fill, however visitors and workers say it “shimmers” and “sparkles” in the sunlight.