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Project Profile:

Louisiana National Guard Multi Unit Readiness Center

Project Summary

The large parking lot will house military and civilian automobiles. The LNG needed Grasspave2 to get the parking it required and also the stormwater management properties available from the grass porous paver.


1501 Industrial Park Drive Hammond, Louisiana  70401

Install Size

6,830 m2 (73,530 sq ft)


Holly & Smith Architecture- Hammond, Louisiana


Richard Price Construction.- Walker, LA

Project Gallery

The Parking lot is to the right when facing the Readiness Center’s entrance.
The Grasspave2 parking lot has a concrete border to separate the Grasspave2 from the unsupported turf.
Newly sodded area of the Grasspave2 parking lot.
The 73,530 sq ft parking lot will also reduce the urban heat island effect through transpiration.
Light posts are easily integrated into a Grasspave2 parking area. Trees, shrubs, irrigation heads, and other items can also be easily integrated.
Here we see the concrete apron surrounding the Grasspave2 parking lot. The concrete and the Grasspave2 are very level in elevation.
The grass area around the building would make a nice Grasspave2 firelane.