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Project Profile:

Miami Museum of Art / Perez Art Museum Miami – PAMM

Project Summary

Designer Jeremy Calleros Gauger, Senior Associate atArquitectonica Geo, wascommitted to providing a unique experience to visitors from the moment the step foot at the Museum. This meant they would have a tactile and visuallyappealing experience immediately when walking into the facility from the parking structure. He chose Gravelpave2 to give visitors that feeling. The sound and texture of Gravelpave2 matches the facade of the structure of the Museum. The parking structure has open canopies in the roof to let light in. The opening also allow for rain water to hit the parking structure floor. The other added benefit to Gravelpave2 is the porosity. The rainwater is allowed to filter through the drivable Gravelpave2 system. Designers also chose Gravelpave2 as an ADA surface for the trails around the sculpture garden. Gravelpave2 is stable and slip resistant for wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and more. Gravelpave2 was also used in the courtyard area overlooking the bay. Visitors can decent the staircase onto the Gravelpave2 surface and enjoy the view of the bay. The gravel fill was imported from outside Florida to match the texture and feel of the Museum structure. Several colors of granite gravel were mixed to get the correct composition in the gray Gravelpave2.


101 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida, 33130

Install Size

7200 m2 (77,100 sf)


Herzog and de Meuron, Arquitectonica Geo (Gravelapve2)



Project Gallery

Gravelpave2 parking structure
Curb stops and embedded concrete strips help delineate the parking spots in the Gravelpave2 parking structure.
Parking structure with Gravelpave2
The Gravelpave2 porous paving system is flanked by some concrete pads and strips for aesthetic purposes and to provide non-gravel areas for visitors who prefer them.
Painted directional arrows on concrete in Gravelpave2
Painted concrete pads are embedded flush with the Gravelpave2 system to aid in parking.
Gravelpave2 courtyard at the Miami Museum of Art
Gravelpave2 also provides a courtyard area outside the Museum for visitors to enjoy the view of the water.
Gravelpave2 porous courtyard.
The view looking towards the Museum shows the Gravelpave2 courtyard.
Gravelpave2 sculpture trail
Gravelpave2 also provides an ADA accessible trail for the outdoor portion of the Museum's scupture garden.
Sculpture garden trail at the Miami Museum of Art
Visitors can enjoy the sculpture garden via a Gravelpave2 trail.