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Project Profile:

Morton Lake

Project Summary

The Lakeland Presbyterian Apartments on Florida Street have a back parking lot across the street from the maintenance access that was photographed. It makes so much sense to have necessary maintenance access in grass paving. The invisible Grasspave2 uninterrupts the natural grass vegetated lake edge.


Lake Morton near downtown

Install Size

770 m2 (8288 sq ft)




The Hollingsworth Group

Project Gallery

Turf Reinforcement was used on maintenance access areas using Grasspave2.
Concrete ramp leading to the grass reinforced area.
Grass Pavers were used on maintenance access areas using Grasspave2.
Large circular lake has a ring road around it with multiple access points.
Permeable Paving was installed in this maintenance access area using Grasspave2.
Typical Grasspave2 area which maintains the beauty of a grass border between the street and lake.