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Project Profile:

Portable Mats for Vacation – Bahamas

Project Summary

From Nicki Baer – "Hi Jane, just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know howWONDERFUL the Beachrings were! I have attached a few pictures of Danny and I using them in The Bahamas! We would highly recommend them to anyone! In fact, I am a member of an online SCI (spinal cord injury) bulletin board/community forum (http://sci.rutgers.edu/forum/index.php).That's where I learned to call the airline and ask for the compliance officer with regard to traveling with items such as Beachrings for medical/disability use. All we had to do was get a doctor to write a letter of medical necessity on his letterhead, sign and date it, and voila! No charge for us to take these to and from U.S. destinations! We bought a 50"x30" duffel bag from an Army/Navy surplus store which was perfect for them, and everything went great! Thank you for everything! WeLOVEour beachrings!"



Install Size

48 tiles (2 Model D)


Daniel Maier and Nicki Baer



Project Gallery

Beachrings2 in Colorado Sky Blue
Beachrings2 in Colorado Sky Blue
Beachrings2 Mats
The portable Beachrings2 system rolled out from the hard pavers to the umbrella area.
The Beachrings2 mats are easily rolled up.
The Beachrings2 mats are easily rolled up.
Beachrings2 boardwalk system for wheelchairs.
The two Model D rolls slightly overlap eachother.