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Project Profile:

Private Residence

Project Summary

After years of renovations on the inside of their beach house the owners decided it was time to tackle the outside. The first challenge was deciding what material to use for the driveway. They were tired of dealing with a sandy driveway and due to limitations of impermeable surface they realized that they had to find and alternative to a standard concrete driveway. After some research they contacted the local Invisible Structures representative to gather further information. After meeting with Andy Gerberich from Getsco they decided to go with tan Gravelpave2 for their project. They then carried the information and samples to Andy Cavender of Andy Cavender Landscaping and had him incorporate the Gravelpave2 into his landscape design and installation. The final results speak for themselves. I followed up with the owners after the installation and they commented that it turned out better than they could have ever imagined and were pleased with the results. Andy Cavender stated that tan Gravelpave2 blended well with his initial landscape design and that there is already interest from our property owners about Gravelpave2.


Monroe Lane

Install Size

220 m2 (2,473 sq ft)




Andy Cavender Landscaping

Project Gallery

Gravel pervious/permeable driveway
Gravelpave2 provides stability, beauty, and permeability for this driveway.
Base course preparation in driveway
The base course is prepared for the Gravelpave2 porous driveway.
Gravelpave2 is unrolled
The Gravelpave2 rolls are spread and anchored one at a time.
Closeup of a Gravelpave2 pervious driveway mat
Gravelpave2 rolls snapped together and cut to fit the driveway.
Permeable Gravelpave2 mats in a driveway.
Ready for gravel fill, the Gravelpave2 rolls are rolled out, cut to fit, and anchored to the driveway.
Completed Gravelpave2 permeable driveway
Another shot of the completed Gravelpave2 permeable driveway.
Before shot of the driveway
A "before" shot of the driveway - prior to Gravelpave2 installation.