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Project Profile:

Private Residence Driveway

Project Summary

The homeowners wanted a solution that would be environmentally friendly. Gravelpave2 was the best option for the long, curving driveway area. Installer/Designer Matthew Trainor states "Gravelpave2 driveway and parking lot came out pissaah!"



Install Size

160 m2 (1,722 sq ft)


Altitude Services, Inc.


Altitude Services, Inc., 2 Wood Fern Path, Plymouth, MA 02360

Project Gallery

The Gravelpave2 driveway was installed to be environmentally friendly.
Gray Gravelpave2 was used and filled with a fine, tan gravel.
The Gravelpave2 driveway wraps around the side of the house.
The driveway opens up into a larger Gravelpave2 supported area for parking.
The Gravelpave2 parking and driveway match the aesthetics of the existing landscaping and wooded area.