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Project Profile:

Scotts – Miracle Grow Research Facility

Project Summary

Scotts’ campus is currently undergoing a sustainability program including extensive recycling, waste reduction, and environmental building initiatives. As part of these initiatives, Scotts is testing grass porous paving at its research and development area. Grasspave2 is being tested in two parking spaces.



Install Size

40 m2 (360 sq ft)


Eric Nelson, PhD and the research and development scientists and staff at Scotts


The research and development scientists, staff and grounds crew at Scotts.

Project Gallery

The test plots are separated so that different cross sections can be experimented with. The middle section of Grasspave2, is the standard installation technique for our product.
Drainage pipe was placed at the low end of the 1% slope of the parking bays. The pipe leads to an existing drainage line. The installation will have irrigation and the site has clay soils.
The permeable base course was placed and compated in lifts.
Hydrogrow soil amendment was spread using a hand-held drop spreader.
The first roll of our model 1010s was placed, and cut.
With all the Grasspave2 nearly placed, the remaining steps are to fill with sand, and then seed. Scotts EZ Seed® mix was used.
The sign leading to the Scotts Miracle Grow Company campus.