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Project Profile:

Silver Strand State Beach

Project Summary

Picnic areas installed with Gravelpave2 for ADA access. 3/16th crushed gray gravel used to fill the Gravelpave2 rings. Gravelpave2 will not add runoff generated pollutants to the natural surrounding, as a concrete or asphalt path would.


5000 Silver Strand Boulevard, Hwy 75, Coronado, CA  92118-3215

Install Size

Approx. 50 m2 (560 sq ft)


State of California Parks and Rec.



Project Gallery

This is the beach area on the east side of Silver Strand Boulevard where you can find the Gravelpave2 picnic area sites.
Gravelpave2 at Silver Stand State Beach adds a nice finishing touch for handicapped access picnic areas free of drainage problems.
The picnic table area is just south of the main Crown Cove Aquatic Center building shown in the background here.
Shade structure is very practical given the warm temperatures of southern California. The Gravelpave2 path leads to the restrooms.
Brooming the gravel fill level with the top of the rings and providing a wooden edge contains the gravel in the rings and provides a stable surface for wheelchairs.
This is the overall view from the restrooms. This area is located on the east side of the Silver Stand Boulevard facing San Diego Bay.