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Project Profile:

Spectrum Community School

Project Summary

This is a brand new installation with photos taken after just two months of use. A maintenance program should be in place to fill in the rings with new gravel where the installation gravel may have settled with use.


Burnside, Saanich, Victoria, BC

Install Size

640 m2 (6900 sq ft)


Saanich School District


Knappet Construction

Project Gallery

Spectrum Community School has a Gravelpave2 fire lane and access road around the building. Notice the flush concrete curbs used to mark the edge of pavement.
The access road shown in the previous photo and the end of it here is gated for limited access.
Backing up from the previous two photos you can see a Gravelpave2 parking lot. Notice how the rings go all the way back to the concrete curb edge and fence, then the wheel stops are laid on top.
Here you can see that the Gravelpave2 drive is being used by maintenance staff.
Only two rows of parking bays are done in the Gravelpave2 and they are on the low side of the property which allows stormwater to filter through the reinforced gravel.
The perimeter edges are treated with flush concrete curbs. There is a savings in future maintenance by not having to stripe the Gravelpave2 slots.
The asphalt drive is crowned so that the stormwater drains from the center into the Gravelpave2 parking bays.