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Project Profile:

Sunrise Assisted Living of West Hills

Project Summary

This is a fairly small fire lane but it gives the back side of the building a green buffer of lawn area which can be used for playing on the grass, is beautiful to view from the floor to ceiling windows, and also keeps the ambient air temperatures down next to the building.


9012 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, West Hills, CA  91304

Install Size

190 m2 (2,045 sq ft)




Carmel Landscape, 8714 Glenoaks Blvd., Sun Valley, CA  91352, phone 818-767-5503

Project Gallery

This is the front entrance to Sunrise Assisted Living of West Hills. The Grasspave2 fire lane is on the back side of this building.
Around the back of the complex, the Grasspave2 fire lane enters over a flush red painted curb and is bordered by a sidewalk on the left and a fence on the right, back to the gazebo.
This is the end of the fire lane where it meets the gazebo. This area is a nice backyard for the residents and looks very nice from inside through these floor to ceiling windows.
Here is the view of the Grasspave2 emergency lane as seen from the gazebo.