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Project Profile:

Tales Residence

Project Summary

Terra cotta colored Gravelpave2 rings with a filter fabric backing was used to contain decorative gravel which is very attractive in color and size.


5201 Blossom Street, Houston, TX 77007

Install Size

380 m2 (4090 sf) terra cotta, 80 m2 brown





Project Gallery

Aggregate Paving was installed in the driveway using Gravelpave2.
Driveway crosses from street on left to garage on right. Circular drive continues ahead and exits to left of car.
Gravel Reinforcement was used in the circular driveway using Gravelpave2.
Rich color of the stone fill is very attractive. Notice new construction in this area.
Gravel Reinforcement was used in the circular driveway using Gravelpave2.
Front entrance of home with garage driveway just off camera to the right. Terra cotta rings are very well concealed and not at all evident.
Permeable Pavers were installed in the walkway between planting beds using Gravelpave2.
Gravel fill material blends in well with the vertical wood and brick planters.
Turf Pavers were installed in walkway areas using Gravelpave2.
Angular planters have Gravelpave2 in the aisles for long-term good appearance, low maintenance, good drainage, and no wet potholes.
Porous Pavement was installed at the side entrance to the garden area using Gravelpave2.
Side entrance to the gated garden is unobtrusive with rich colored gravel and light amounts of dried leaves. Note the metal edging that was used to define the Gravelpave2 area.
Pervious Pavers were installed in the parking area using Gravelpave2.
Shaded parking is a bonus. There is plenty of guest parking and stormwater runoff stays on site.