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Project Profile:

The Suites at Mainsail Village

Project Summary

This is a very small section used for pedestrian wear around the barbecue and recreation area. In the parking lot adjacent to the Mainsail check in offices there were several examples of concrete block porous paving.


Hillsborough and Eisenhower Expressway, Tampa, FL 33634

Install Size

60 m2 (646 sq ft)





Project Gallery

Grass Pavers were used in the walkway around the barbecue and recreation area at The Suites at Mainsail Village, Tampa, Florida, using Grasspave2.
Entrance sign to complex.
Permeable Pavers were installed in the barbecue and recreational area using Grasspave2.
Barbecue area where grass is reinforced.
Pervious Pavers were installed in a walkway using Grasspave2.
Looking in opposite direction.
Porous Concrete Pavers used by buses.
Another parking area of porous paving concrete pavers used by buses overlooking the Mainsail Complex.
Porous Concrete Pavers used for parking.
Concrete block paving in parking lot adjacent to Mainsail check in offices and used by professional building workers.
Porous Grass Pavers installed in the recreation area using Grasspave2.
Overall look of barbecue area and volleyball recreation.