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Project Profile:

Three Sisters’ Drive

Project Summary

In trying to deal with surface storm water and spring snow runoff, Mountain Engineering was looking into alternative designs to the standard ditch & culvert drainage systems used in this residential area of Canmore, AB. This particular street is quite narrow, and street side parking would not have been possible with ditches in place. They chose to use Gravelpave2 in front of neighbourhood houses where residents & visitors could park their cars, but where storm water would also be absorbed into the ground rather than running down the road. Bremner Engineering & Consulting did the installation for us, installing 350 m2 (3,800 sq ft) in 2 days. The engineer & residents alike are please with the aesthetics of the Gravelpave2 and ability for parking.


Three Sisters' Drive

Install Size

350 m2 (3800 sq ft)


Mountain Engineering - Canmore, AB


Bremner Engineering & Consulting Limited

Project Gallery

The finished Gravelapve2 installation provides stormwater management and shoulder reinforcement.
A worker compacts the base course before installing the Gravelpave2 rolls.
Workers prepare the base course.
Workers rake the decorative gravel into the Gravelpave2 ring and grid structure.