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Project Profile:

Trail Blazers Basketball Facility

Project Summary

The condition of the grass is excellent and the maintenance contractor must be using micronutrient fertilizer because the grass is healthy and thick. The site is also irrigated. Windows in the training facility look out onto he lawn area which is surrounded by plant material. Grass for the fire lane provides a much nicer view than asphalt or concrete. Grass provides a cooler environment than hot reflective asphalt. There are two fire hydrants on the easterly border of the grass fire lane, one near the parking lot and one at the back of the building.


7325 SW Child's Road, Tualatin, OR

Install Size

840 m2 (9,042 sq ft)




Woody’s Landscaping

Project Gallery

Turf Reinforcement was installed in the fire lane access areas at the Trail Blazers Basketball Facility, Tualatin, Oregon, using Grasspave2.
Bollard on the right and a small hedge on the left mark the entrance and fire lane borders.