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Project Profile:

Wheel of Fortune

Project Summary

We were contacted by the set designer of Wheel of Fortune to provide temporary access over sand on Waikiki Beach for mainly displaying the prize automobiles on the set. Cashew Brown Beachrings2 was the color of the sand and they could camouflage the mats. Wheel of Fortune also found more uses for Beachrings2 mats such as aisles for the audience to reach their seats, and access for moving the set. They chose to keep the mats for other traveling show locations. Typical use for Beachrings2 is to enable wheelchair and stroller access at beaches. The mats are also good for events such as volleyball tournaments.


Culver City, CA 90232, Renee Hoss-Johnson

Install Size

101 Model E Mats (4x9=36 tiles each) + 16 Model D Mats (3x8=24)


Wheel of Fortune


Wheel of Fortune

Project Gallery

Access Mats were installed for temporary access for cars, set and pedestrian audiences using Beachrings2.
Back stage shot of Beachrings2 mats in place on the sand.
Beach-access mats were installed for pedestrian audiences using Beachrings2.
Easy access is possible on Beachrings2
Portable-boardwalk mats were installed for temporary car access using Beachrings2.
Car being driven on sand, then moving mats to advance the car into location.